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Domestic                                                            $3.75

Miller Lite (MO)

Bud Light (MO)

Michelob Ultra (MO)

Bud Zero NA (MO)

Craft/Import                                                   $4.75

Peroni (IT)

Stella Artois (BE)

Blue Moon (CO)

Yuengling Black & Tan (PA)

O’Connor “El Guapo” Agave IPA (VA)

Devils Backbone Vienna Lager (VA)

The Bar


Makers, Simple, Vermouth, Angostura, Stirred



Goose/Sapphire, Dry Vermouth, Olive/Twist



Sapphire, Campari, Sweet Vermouth, Orange, Ice


Amaretto Sour

Disaronno, Beam, Sour, Egg White, Floating Bitters


The Naz

Disaronno, Beam, Sour, Egg White, Floating Bitters


The John

Skyy, Orange Juice, Cranberry, Ice, Tall


The Cheryll

Three Bacardis, Pineapple, Orange, Blood Orange


The Austin

Shot of Jameson and a Glass of Volpare



Goose, St. Germaine, Simple, Lemon Twist



Tanqueray, Sambuca Strega, Lime, Simple, Brandied Cherry



Citron, Harlequin, Squeezed Lime,Simple, Cranberry


The Mangia Qui Italian Bistro family prides itself on using only the freshest, locally available ingredients; the bar being no exception. All juices, syrups and garnishes are squeezed and made in-house unless otherwise requested. Classic cocktails and an extensive list of premium spirits are also available.

Mangia Qui Italian Bistro

Phone: 757-499-6001

Address: 550 Independence Blvd.

Virginia Beach, VA 23462

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